The treatment takes place on a futon on the floor and takes approx. 50-60 min. I recommend to bring comfortable clothes (such as jogging suit, t-shirt) and warm socks with you.

Considering the human being in its entirety I approach the treatment by “listening” within the range of physics, mental, emotional or spiritual.

During the therapeutic encounter I offer the space to allow the client to reconnect and nourish again the presence with oneself. It is also an invitation to rediscover oneself, listening within and getting aware to support a favourable change for your well-being.

As and when required by the client I may propose exercises, visualisation, etc.



Shiatsu may be reimbursed by certain health insurance companies. I am certified by ASCA and EMR. Please check the list of the health insurance companies affiliated to ASCA and/or EMR or contact your insurance company.


In case of cancellation please let me know 24h in advance to avoid charging of the reserved appointment.